I congratulate you for your decision to devote your career to this noble service, FIRE and Safety Engineer.

I also admire you decision for choosing us - CAFSE for the same.

Fire and Safety persons are in very high demand from industries like defense service, civil fire station, municipal corporation, national thermal power station, air-craft, cargo-hub, shipping corporation, power plants, steel plants, petrochemicals, refineries, sponge iron plant, civil construction company, electronics company, mining industry, food industry, coal industry, paper industry, plastic and polymer, textile-cotton industries and many more industries in India and Gulf countries

Job Options - Tremendous.
Job Security - Absolute,

Chance to work in gulf countries with high Salaries

Fire & Safety Engineering is a field to which all aspects of Scientific & Technical knowledge pertaining to the safety are linked. It involves study of subjects that deal with the designing and installation of Fire Protection Systems, in depth understanding of the Science of Fire, its hazards and control measures, various associated engineering subjects, Prevention & Protection of Industrial Safety & Its Management and other Psychological strengthening required to make a FIRE and SAFETY Engineer. I feel very proud that till date we are placed many candidates in fire and safety field in various Government Departments like Nagar Nigam, Civil Defense etc. and many private companies.

Welcome and congratulations once again, hoping a very happy association.


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